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Chat without boundaries.

Read More We know of ways that messaging can enhance communication, and we have encompassed them into a go-to chatting solution where you can share pictures, emotions, cool chat stickers and much more!

Battery Usage

Forget about battery-draining apps.

Read More We understand how important battery life is, in the end- ours is not the only app you are willing to run on your device. So, we save your phone resources so that your battery can last much longer!

Bandwidth Usage

Make high-quality calls with any internet connection.

Read More What if we tell you VauxTalk doesn't require your 3G or 4G connection? We ensure that you can make high-quality crystal-clear calls with any internet connection and we use only half of the bandwidth of Skype, WhatsApp or Viber!


With VauxTalk your information is secure at all times

Read More We understand the importance of your security online. With VauxTalk your information and personal data is safe at all times. It's just the two of us- no third parties involved!

Call Forwarding

No more roaming nightmares. Save hundreds in bills when travelling

Read More If you are one of the frequent travelers, you do know what Roaming bills can look like. We adjust to your presence by country and allow to save hundreds in bills when travelling.

HD Calls

Enjov clear voice and HD calls

Read More Ever felt like call quality is an issue? Not with VauxTalk! We bring you an exceptional experience with drastically improved call quality that creates the conditions for 24/7 crystal-clear calls.

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VauxTalk isn`t just about calling.
We ensure your communication has much more to offer!

Still in doubt? Here are some of the points you need to know!

Our app is free, intuitive and ad-free And it will always be!

We’re affordable, offering excellent service for moderate price We don't position ourselves as the cheapest in the market. We position ourselves as the best! VauxTalk makes sure our users get the best possible deals, rates and quality

We ensure a better experience for each user with add-on services we know calling isn't the only mode of communication, and there are other important factors to note!

We stay country-specific Different countries, different approaches. Save your time and nerves and trust us- we know the market, and we respect your needs!

We offer a cool bonus pack! It's always fun to have your friends around! Invite your friends and get free cash to reach out to the world.










User Reviews

Awesome APP

VauxTalk is quite a revolution to me. I'm sorry for the time and effort I spent on using landline phones. Finding VauxTalk sooner could have saved me a fortune!

- Kim Reyes

Google Play

Free Credits

VauxTalk is the hot news for me and my family. It's cheap and high-quality, can't possibly ask for more!

- Melvin Andrada

App Store

Awesome call quality

Wow! I'm just lost for words. The quality is amazing and the price is, well, beyond amazing! Thanks guys!

- Seol Bautista

Google Play

Battery life saver

Didn't think of it as useful because I was using a similar app, until I gave it a try and my phone battery lasted for half a day longer!

- Noham Rami

Google Play

Amazing features

I love to chat with this app, the chat stickers are cool and there are so many! My friends seem to enjoy them too, so hope to see new ones added soon!

- Irma Atkins

Google Play


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No more costly roaming fees. Travel worldwide without roaming charges

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